Herbal Bust Plus Affiliate Program

At Herbal Bust Plus we don't play games with product pricing. We offer a quality product and make it available at an afford-able priced. We know the benefits that can come from satisfied customer anxious to share with friends and others the bene-fits of taking Herbal Bust Plus.

A single bottle of Bust Plus can be enjoyed for as little as $34.95. We set aside approximately 30% of the gross sale as commission compensation for are affiliates. Commission compensation is divided and paid as follows 10% from tier one sales, 10% from tier two sales, and 10% from tier three sales. This commission schedule is simple, straight forward and ap-plies to all product purchases of Herbal Bust Plus.

Becoming an affiliate is easy, simply fill out the online application it requires only a few minutes to complete. As an affiliate you will have access to your Herbal Bust Plus online office with the ability to view sales and commissions occurring with in you affiliate group. You'll also have access to promotional banners and ad cards to help you promote product sales and you'll be able to view your affiliate group as it grows.

The program is free with no need to make it complicated. If you become an affiliate and decide to promote Herbal Bust Plus online through banner ads or through face to face marketing using ad cards or other means of marketing chances are you will make money. Although we do not make any income earning claims, we do have affiliates that earn residual income monthly.

Herbal Bust Plus Platinum Representative

If you are currently enjoying the benefits of Herbal Bust Plus and would like to represent Herbal Bust Plus in the state where you reside please contact us at 1-310-606-9290. As the Platinum Representative in a specific state you will receive commissions for every Herbal Bust Plus sales transaction originating in that state. The earning potential for a Plati-num Representative is significant.

Herbal Bust Plus is currently interested in finding a Platinum Representative in the following states:

  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Tennessee
  • North Carolina
  • Georgia

Please Call 1-310-606-9290
Or email us by clicking HERE to request additional information.
Provide us your name, telephone number and the best time to call.