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Herbal Bust Plus, according to is the most effective all natural herbal supplement designed to balance the hormones found in the female body and trigger the proper development and growth of the mammary tissues found in the female breasts. The Herbal Bust Plus formula is a result of herbalist working with nutritional doctors designing a product intended to improve the overall health of women as well as stimulate the female body to maximize breast size. Each bottle of Herbal Bust Plus contains 240 capsules which is a one month supply based on the recommended daily dosage. Each capsule contains a blend of nine different herbs manufactured in a GMP facility to insure the highest standard of both purity and quality.

1. What Is Bust Plus?
Bust Plus is a unique, all natural formula containing a proprietary combination of 9 herbs traditionally used for natural female hormone balancing and promotion of breast size and firmness. Bust Plus is recognized for its results of larger and fuller breasts for the women who use it.

2. Does Bust Plus Really Work?
Yes, Bust Plus really does work. After two years of studies and thousands of testimonials, we can very confidently say "YES" the product does indeed work.

3. How long does it take to see results?
Studies indicate that 50% of women see growth in the first month, 72% in two months, and over 80% of women noticed breast growth after three months of use.

4. Is Bust Plus Safe?
Absolutely, the herbs in Bust Plus have been used for centuries by herbalists and naturopaths for treatment of various female conditions. After hundreds of years of use there are no adverse effects associated with the herbal ingredients found in Bust Plus. Literally thousands of women now have used Bust Plus with only marvelous results. There have been absolutely no reports of harmful side effects as a result of its use.

5. What is the dosage or amount that I use every day?
With the Bust Plus capsules you take four small capsules in the morning and four at night. Since each bottle contains 240 capsules that means each bottle constitutes exactly a 30 day supply. Once you begin noticing an improvement in how you feel and look you can reduce your dosage intake to three or four tablets a day which increases the length of time a bottle will last. Once you enter a maintenace phase one bottle of Herbal Bust Plus can last anywhere from two to three months.

6. Are there special instructions for using Bust Plus?
In our experience with Herbal Bust Plus we have observed a number of factors that affect results. We have compiled a list of suggestions for you that we think will increase your chances of success with Herbal Bust Plus:

  • Reduce or eliminate your caffeine consumption. This includes caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee. Decaffeinated coffee contains harmful chemicals and toxins and will make it hard for Bust Plus to work efficiently. Caffeine is a stimulant, which counteracts the herb. It is very difficult to find results on Bust Plus while using caffeinated products. Herbal teas and herbal coffees are good substitutes for coffee during the use of Bust Plus.
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. As your hormones begin to balance in your body, plenty of water will keep you cleansed and functioning properly.
  • Keep carbonated beverages out of your diet. Carbonation has been known to deplete the calcium levels in your body. This causes your body to work harder to get the hormone balancing it needs.
  • Quit smoking, or at least cut back. This can counteract the herb. General health and well being will affect your results.
  • Nutritionists will tell you, maintain a good, healthy diet with sufficient amounts of fiber and other nutrients. Do not consume large quantities of alcohol, again for general health and well being.
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Taken By Surprise
I was taken by surprise when told I could actually increase the size of my breasts using Herbal Bust Plus. It just sounded so silly, but I thought why not give it at try. I purchased a three month supple made a commitment and in less than 2 months was noticing a difference and I'm not the only one. And not only are my breasts increasing in size I'm feeling so much better. Thank you for such a wonderful product. I'm still surprised but pleasantly!
Alisa Davis - Helen, MT

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