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7. How does Bust Plus Lotion Work?
The primary mechanism by which Bust Plus works is through internal hormone balance and regulation. In this regard, Bust Plus capsules and liquid are fabulous. The lotion contains the same herbal ingredients as the capsules and liquid but in a base of glycerin and other lotion constituents. Breast tissue itself produces what science has dubbed Growth Factor Compounds(really, that is what they are called in the textbooks) Bust Plus lotion, like some other breast creams on the market, absorbs through the skin with the purpose of stimulating production of GF Compounds locally in the breast tissue itself. In this way the lotion acts as a complement to the capsules or liquid that you are taking, giving you an internal and an external approach to your breast building regimen. We recommend the lotion as an addition to the capsules and liquid, but not just by itself.

8. How will I know it is working?
Most women will begin to experience a slight tingling or soreness in their breasts similar to what they felt during puberty, when their breasts began to develop. This usually occurs within 3-4 weeks after beginning use. Some women, however, only begin to notice fullness in their breasts or fit more snugly into their bras.

9. Will my results be permanent?
Yes, because you increase the actual amount of breast tissue, the results are permanent. However, with natural aging and gravity and normal cell changes, your breasts may lose some of their firmness over time. Once Bust Plus herbs are in your system, you can maintain your perkier, more youthful shape by supplementing your diet with Bust Plus at a much lower level than you did for breast growth. Most women prefer to use Bust Plus at about one fourth the recommended dose for breast growth to keep their new shape.

10. Are there side effects from using Herbal Bust Plus?
YES! And they are all positive! Bust Plus helps regulate female hormones and glands. It also helps a host of other female reproductive problems including PMS, excessive blood flow, and cramping. It can help you reach your optimal body weight, relieves excess mucus in the head, nose, throat and lungs, and helps alleviate chronic bronchitis and asthma. It has also been known to work as an aphrodisiac, increasing libido and sex drive for most women.

11. Does Herbal Bust Plus interact with other medications or supplements?
There have been NO REPORTS of spontaneous, unexpected problems from medications or pregnancies from women using birth control pills. While it does not interfere with administered birth control, Bust Plus has been known to help balance hormones for some women, who wanted and were trying to get pregnant, making their bodies more receptive. We also have no reason to believe that the herbs in Bust Plus interact with other medications, however, if you are taking any prescription medication it is always best to consult your doctor before using this or any herbal supplement.

12. Who should not use Herbal Bust Plus?
Women who are pregnant or nursing should not use Bust Plus. Also, Bust Plus is meant for women after puberty, when their bodies have their full hormone productive capacity. We don't know of any benefit or effect for girls before puberty.

13. How do I give Herbal Bust Plus a chance to work for me?
By following the dietary guidelines, which are staying away from caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes and carbonated beverages, and by drinking eight glasses of water a day, you give Bust Plus the best chance to work for you. Research shows that 80-85% of women show breast enhancement with Bust Plus by the end of the third month. Because of this research, we ask that everyone give Bust Plus a fair chance to work for them by taking three full bottles for 90 days. Bust Plus should start taking effect anywhere from one to three months and for best growth from three to nine months.

14. Are results guaranteed?
Yes, we know that Bust Plus works for most women. The vast majority of users are very pleased with Bust Plus so we are perfectly willing to offer a three bottle, 90 day money back guarantee. If no breast enhancement is found after using three full bottles of Bust Plus consecutively, simply call us for return information.

15. Is Herbal Bust Plus shipped discreetly? How are the Packages shipped?
We respect your privacy and ship Bust Plus with no identifying markings whatsoever. There is simply a shipping label with our non-revealing return address on it.

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Customer for Six Years!
It's hard to believe but I've been using Herbal Bust Plus on and off now for the last six years and I notice a big improvement in my appearances and mental well being when I consistently use the product. I have no complaints about the appear-ance and size of my breasts and I truly believe Herbal Bust Plus has made the difference. It's a wonderful supplement and it's affordable. I'm 46 years old and using Bust Plus is a part my life's daily schedule.
Crystal Higgins - Tulum, Mexico

Husband Takes Note!
When I told my husband I would be supplement-ing with Herbal Bust Plus he was skeptical. Three months latter he's a believer and along with me couldn't be more pleased. The increased size and shape of my breasts is not a huge difference but it's noticeable and definitely an improvement. My breasts are firmer, shapelier and natural. In my new swim suit I look great, my confidence has soared and my hus-band is loving the improvement. I'm 28 years old and so pleased with my results I could easily recom-mend Herbal Bust Plus to my friends.
Adriana Klein - Tucson, AZ

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